“WORKSHOP ON WRITING SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES” by Associate Professor Dr. Ramlee Ismail from UPSI,Malaysia

23.04.2019 147

Ramlee Ismail started his career at Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI) since 2001, 10 years working at the Department of Education. He held a degree and masters in Economics and has completed his higher education in the same area. During his tenure at UPSI, he has experience as the Head of Economic Department (three times), Deputy Dean (Post-graduate) at Faculty of Management and Economics, Deputy Dean at Institute of Graduate Studies (IGS) and currently as Dean at IGS. He also has experience working at Planning and Corporate Division office and the Research Management Centre. His research interest in area of education is especially Economic of Education and has completed various topics of research. He published three books, the first of which is about teaching and learning issues for Economics, a book for data analysis and is now currently working on his third book about education and human capital formation in Malaysia. He has also published his article in a local and international journal.

We invite all join us and participate in this workshop!

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