January 23, 2024

The First Deputy Minister of Higher Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan K. Karimov visited the head office and exhibition center of Huawei in Beijing and met with the General Director of Huawei Uzbekistan Chen Jiakai.

The parties discussed the importance of digitalization in the field of education and the development of training for the ICT sector in Uzbekistan.
Following the negotiations, it was noted that the creation of ICT Academies in universities of Uzbekistan and the development of existing ones is a requirement of the time. Through the Academies, it is planned to train talented young people interested in this field and provide them with international certificates in the field of artificial intelligence and digital technologies, 5G, Big data, Cloud computing and similar IT areas. It should be noted that today there are 8 such academies in universities in our country, and in 2024, increasing their number to 15, it will be possible to train at least 300 students.
In addition, the issue of improving the qualifications of professors and teachers in the field of ICT in universities is relevant. This year it is planned to train at least 15 Academy coaches. For managers responsible for the IT sector of universities (“Chief Digital Division”), an opportunity will be created to become familiar with the most advanced technologies and solutions in the field through the organization of training programs.
Particular emphasis was placed on ensuring the participation of Uzbek students in the ICT Competition conducted by the company, as well as on supporting the Seeds for Future program. Students of Uzbekistan have already demonstrated high results from their participation in this project, taking a prize in the Tech4Good 2023 competition.
Following the meeting, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed on the implementation of the above agreements.